“We had an officer involved shooting

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Virginia that is poisoning the water and killing people. ABC sent the Feds to my house. The guy that came told me he works 80 hours a week going from house to house checking people out that posted stuff on the net. Bob, you a fool, again, it obvious, and you only proving it with everything you say. You try to point me to radical news sites and say that i crazy? You sought out news sites that are not considered legitimate so you could hear your own brand of news. You more in line to be satisified with a communist news channel since you only interested in hearing 1 side of the story and that the side you agree with, you a nutjob bob, let me guess.

canada goose outlet nyc Schiaffo, Jessica L. Weber and Robert R. Wolfe, all of Emmaus.. “We had an officer involved shooting,” he solemnly said at the start of his comments. On Thursday in the parking lot of the Pines Yankee Hill Hardware store, a mom and pop outlet off Highway 70 pressed against a nearby hillside. A Butte County Sheriff deputy was patrolling the area when a person reported that a car had been parked in the store’s lot for the past three days. canada goose outlet nyc

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