Switch for another week with your ex

What can you tell me about your organization. And yourself? n tWhat do you like about what you’re currently doing? n tWhat don’t you like about your current situation? n tWhat would you like to be enhanced or improved? n tWhat can you tell me about your priorities? n tWhat prompted you to start this project now? n tWhat can you tell me about your decision making process? n tHow do you handle budget considerations? n tWhat other options are you looking at? n tWhat can you tell me about the people involved in the process? n tWhat obstacles are in the way of moving this forward? n tHow will you be evaluating different options? n tHow will the funding for the project be justified? n tHow much support does this have at the executive level? n nGet the answers to these questions, and take action based on those answers, and you’ll get the sale. It’s that simple..

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