One challenge was to build around the PATH train

Holocaust Memorial Museum is closed today to honor a security guard who was shot to death on Wednesday afternoon. The museum is flying its flags at half staff in honor of Stephen T. Johns. Jack, Mr Panett may be a fine person. But I always had and still have the impression that to be Head of CIA should be given to a person from within the Agency for such person background and familiar with CIA not only standars but demands can accomplish his or her mission. Furthermore, the service term should be at least 8 years..

Also, it is clear that there IS a problem in the music industry with DRUGS and the pressure to keep delivering the goods, night after night, album after album, year after year under the HUGE glare of the media and public spotlight. I, for one can arleady see other artists who are vunerable. Something needs to be put in place to support these gifted indivduals before another tradegy.

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